Fashion with Friends: Laura

Hi guys! Today I am starting something really exciting and something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. As a college student living in a dorm these past two years, I have been surrounded by some stylish fashionistas. I draw a lot of my outfit inspirations from the things that surround me, a lot of that comes from my friends. Whether it is borrowing clothes, styling them for campus events, picking out outfits to go out it in, my closet really became a mesh between borrowed clothing as well as my own. Walking around campus I am inspired by every girls take on day-to-day outfits. Of course, I want to inspire and be inspired…so I’m sharing with you the style that inspires me to step outside of the box with my outfits.

Today’s Fashion with Friends guest is my dear friend Laura Westhoff from Chicago, Illinois. She’s sharing one of her summer looks with you!


“I’ve always loved to play with fashion and change-up my style from day-to-day, so today I went with a boho vibe by wearing this floral Free People gown. I browse new clothes almost daily so my style is definitely a range depending on the occasion from preppy to bohemian to edgy. When this opportunity presented itself to me I knew I had to pull out this dress from my closet because it captures the true style I have within, but may not show everyday, and has a bit of drama (not to mention it’s fun to twirl in!) Since the print is pretty bold and covers the entire dress I tried to keep the accessories simple with a floppy hat and a slightly embellished necklace. Everyone has that one thing they like to splurge on whether it be jewelry, shoes or clothes, and mine happens to be dresses, because the occasions that they are for are always pretty special, and this dress is no exception!”
Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.08.31 PM