POP of Red

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Skirt: Forever21 || Shirt: Forever21 || Shoes: Alexander McQueen || Bag: Chanel || Sunglasses: Dior

Don’t be afraid to mix prints, colors, and textures! Although at times it can be overwhelming or seem strange, but in many cases (if done right) can be just perfect.

I love the combination of black, white and red. The red adds that POP, that summer b/w outfits just need. I love the play of different patterns in this outfit and the balance of the cherry red in the handbag and heel of the shoe. Forever21, as I have said before has the best finds!! I love these two pieces because they look great together and can work on their own as well.

What a great day to night outfit!!

Have an amazing day! Thanks for stopping by.

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Royal Apparel x subtotaled

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White Tee: Royal Apparel

Who doesn’t love a good white tee?? This white tee is one of my favorites for the summer. It is comfortable, stylish and versatile. Royal Apparel is a leading wholesale and custom clothing apparel company with products made in the USA. They combine the most current styles while still maintaining quality and comfort. All of their products are eco-friendly, sustainable and organic (how great right!).

This tee is from their new hemp style clothing line. It is fashion-forward, comfortable and durable…perfect for a long, busy day.

The minute I put this t-shirt on it was soft, comfortable, and I could style it with almost anything. I love a good white tee for the summer, whether I pair it with jeans, a flowy skirt or even my favorite cutouts…it is a fashionista’s must-have item. I love all the colors Royal Apparel have to offer, White is the most useful for me. Go check out their new line, it’s great (New Hemp Line).

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It’s been a year!!

 I can’t believe it has been a year since I started this journey!! I started my blog to create an outlet for my passion for fashion which then enhanced my love for travel and food. When I first started my blog, I was trying so many things because it was a new experience and I was eager to share my thoughts and daily inspiration. As the year progressed, I learned more about myself, my style and the things that inspire me. Subtotaled became an outlet where I could truly be myself without making any mistakes because it was my white canvas. I am so thankful for my readers who follow me, this dream couldn’t be the same without you. I can’t wait to try new trends, explore new places and continue to share my passion.

cheers to another year!

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I am talking all about cleansing your body today with my favorite juice cleanse! I love cleaning my body of toxins through the Blueprint cleanse system. I usually can only do cleanses for up to 3 days and find it quite rewarding. Here is the schedule I follow:

~ Day 1-3 ~

Green Juice

P.A.M. (Pineapple, Apple, Mint)

Green Juice

Spicy Lemonade

C.A.B. (Carrot, Apple, Beet)

Cashew Milk

Now you’re thinking how can I drink solely juice for three days?! I know it sounds crazy but after trying it, it’s totally doable. It starts with preparing yourself for the cleanse. Prior to the cleanse I slowly began to cut out caffeine, sweets, fried foods, red meats so it wouldn’t be drastic when I started the cleanse (which was so helpful!) I began to eat raw vegetables and fruits the day before the cleanse as well as oatmeal so that I had substance while staying healthy. Day 1 was easy because I eased into the process which made day 2 fly by. Day 3 is the hardest because you feel a little faint and at that point I drank a lot of water and had a banana.

So after the first cleansing experience the next one I made adjustments. Some including drinking a lot of water and tea, in between juices, as well as eating nuts and fruits (which helps feeling faint or dizzy).

Blueprint juices have a total of 1100 calories that are nutrition packed. My personal favorite is the green kale juice and P.A.M juice. I recommend a cleanse after a big weekend, wedding, action not too often. It is to clean toxins and allow you to feel cleansed, so doing it too often can defeat the purpose. Staying fit and eating well are key to a healthy lifestyle, never forget that!

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subtotaled x the hamptons

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What a great weekend to get away! Even though the weather wasn’t at its high, taking a walk on the beach was perfect. I love to get away from New Jersey to visit my family and the beach in the Hampton’s. Though I was here for a short period of time I took total advantage of the beautiful beach in Westhampton.

I never can find the perfect maxi dress for the beach…some can be too long, too transparent or fancy but this was just perfect. I recently got this amazing white dress from TJMaxx and I love the free falling style and cutout detail, the perfect ensemble for a walk on the beach.

I later went back to the beach to see the sunset and it was a little chillier but the air was crisp and refreshing, definitely needed after a long week!

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Shorts: Forever21 || Shirt: Joie || Shoes: Steve Madden || Bag: Louis Vuitton || Necklace: Oscar de la Renta

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Button Up

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Shorts: Forever21 || Shirt: Aqua || Shoes: Jimmy Choo || Belt: Tory Burch || Bag: Kara Ross

What a great pop of color!! This Kara Ross handbag is a stunner. I love pairing neutral outfits with colorful statement bags in the summer, it adds that extra splash of fun.

I have been finding the greatest pieces from Forever21 lately…it is slowly filling my closet! These shorts are perfect for the beach, casual work day, or brunch because they are neutral and have a clean cut which I absolutely love. Tory Burch has the best accessories in my opinion, earlier in the week I wore a beautiful sequin clutch and today I am wearing this cool embellished belt. They have the greatest unique finds that are a balance of eclectic and boho chic.

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