Summer Pouts

square lipstick desktop

(From Left to Right)

1. YSL Rouge Pur Couture 10 || 2.  Tom Ford 03 Casablanca || 3. YSL Rouge Pur Couture 01

I never experiment with my lipstick enough…and what better time to do that than the summer! I am sharing all my favorite colors today from reds to pinks. It is so hard to find lipsticks you love especially when you don’t know what brand to try. I have always been a YSL Beauty fanatic, from eye makeup to lip wear they have been a trusted brand for me. I have been collecting so many colors that I want to share my favorites with you!!

I love the idea of red lipstick but it is always too risky for me. Instead of purchasing a true red I opt for a pinker red, though it may look red that hint  of pink makes all the difference for me and the YSL 10 does that for me. I also love to balance my bright lipsticks with more neutral tones that are still bold. Both the Tom Ford and YSL 01 have that perfect shade to wear when you have more eye shadow or cheek color.


four shades desktop

ROUGE VOLUPTE (From Left to Right)

1. YSL 3 || 2. YSL 12 || 3. YSL 103 (Perle) || 4. YSL 2 (Shine)

This is my absolute favorite line by YSL Beauty! The lipsticks go on like butter (literally) and they last throughout the day or night. I love the Shine for this line because it is a lipstick form of a lipgloss (WHICH IS JUST GENIUS). I wear the darker ones at night and 1 and 3 during the day because they are lighter but they can all be worn whenever!

Hope you love these finds as much as I do!!

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