Subtotaled Tips for Blogging

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So it’s been a year…a fun, crazy year! When I started blogging I was overwhelmed by my ideas, the fashion industry, and the world looking in. After daring myself to start sharing a large aspect of my life, I loved it! The fear was just natural, much like with any new project that you start. As I started to play with templates and work on pictures I learned some things about blogging and myself. I want to share those tips with any aspiring, new bloggers or even someone wanting to start something of their own.

~ The Basics ~

Blogging is all about creating your own unique space, don’t start something because you want to mimic someone else, think about the things you love and make you smile and pursue that passion.

Never lie. Your space should tell your story and not something that is anything but that. Trust is slowly earned and easily lost, if you aren’t being true to your audience you are only hurting yourself.

Don’t do something that everyone else is doing ( I know that is hard considering the multitude of blogs out there), think outside the box and that will be your own success.

Be patient...give yourself some grace because it takes time to find your voice and for others to hear that voice.

~ Growth ~

Don’t measure stats too early. You’ve just started your blogging journey, I was so interested in the stats when I started and I realized it took time away from producing high quality content.

SHARE! I started by just posting on my personal social media accounts but then learned I could reach so many new people and learn from them by creating a page/account for by blog. I have found so many new platforms to share through by just reading other blogs.

Never underestimate the power networking. Yes, it is important! You’re missing out by not connecting with your readers and other bloggers.

~ Content ~

I didn’t know when to post, how often to post, length, quantity of pictures, etc.

To be honest, you just learn along the way. When I started, I took photos on my iPhone and posted everyday. Then I switched to posting every other day and then stopped for a brief period to focus on school. I knew blogging was my outlet to de-stress so I made the time and created high quality content. I started using a fancier camera, photoshop for editing and spent countless hours checking grammar and content. Those little details made all the difference.

~ Motivation ~

Don’t stop. If you stick with it you’ll create your own journey, and success.

Let the little things inspire you...never stop loving the things you love, taking pictures, laughing and just learning from the world around you because that world is your canvas for something amazing.

~ Technical Details ~

Your web design. Pick something simple and build from there. When I started my blog it looked nothing like it does now and honestly I’m still in the works of creating something I love. But in January, I came across this template and fell in love with the simple design and the way it spoke to me.

Quality over quantity. Try to post as much as possible but don’t put anything you don’t feel proud of up because you missed a day or haven’t blogged in a while. iPhones take great pics! If you can get yourself a small digital camera it goes a long way.

Focus on one subject. As time progresses you can build to your blog and share other things you are passionate about.

I hope these tips help, motivate and inspire you to keep going or get started! It can be hard and at times scary but to me it was totally worth the jump. Never stop pursuing your dreams and let the world hear your voice!

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