POP of Red

_DSC7443 _DSC7445_2 _DSC7435 _DSC7447_2 _DSC7448 _DSC7437_2

Skirt: Forever21 || Shirt: Forever21 || Shoes: Alexander McQueen || Bag: Chanel || Sunglasses: Dior

Don’t be afraid to mix prints, colors, and textures! Although at times it can be overwhelming or seem strange, but in many cases (if done right) can be just perfect.

I love the combination of black, white and red. The red adds that POP, that summer b/w outfits just need. I love the play of different patterns in this outfit and the balance of the cherry red in the handbag and heel of the shoe. Forever21, as I have said before has the best finds!! I love these two pieces because they look great together and can work on their own as well.

What a great day to night outfit!!

Have an amazing day! Thanks for stopping by.

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