Royal Apparel x subtotaled

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White Tee: Royal Apparel

Who doesn’t love a good white tee?? This white tee is one of my favorites for the summer. It is comfortable, stylish and versatile. Royal Apparel is a leading wholesale and custom clothing apparel company with products made in the USA. They combine the most current styles while still maintaining quality and comfort. All of their products are eco-friendly, sustainable and organic (how great right!).

This tee is from their new hemp style clothing line. It is fashion-forward, comfortable and durable…perfect for a long, busy day.

The minute I put this t-shirt on it was soft, comfortable, and I could style it with almost anything. I love a good white tee for the summer, whether I pair it with jeans, a flowy skirt or even my favorite cutouts…it is a fashionista’s must-have item. I love all the colors Royal Apparel have to offer, White is the most useful for me. Go check out their new line, it’s great (New Hemp Line).

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