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I am talking all about cleansing your body today with my favorite juice cleanse! I love cleaning my body of toxins through the Blueprint cleanse system. I usually can only do cleanses for up to 3 days and find it quite rewarding. Here is the schedule I follow:

~ Day 1-3 ~

Green Juice

P.A.M. (Pineapple, Apple, Mint)

Green Juice

Spicy Lemonade

C.A.B. (Carrot, Apple, Beet)

Cashew Milk

Now you’re thinking how can I drink solely juice for three days?! I know it sounds crazy but after trying it, it’s totally doable. It starts with preparing yourself for the cleanse. Prior to the cleanse I slowly began to cut out caffeine, sweets, fried foods, red meats so it wouldn’t be drastic when I started the cleanse (which was so helpful!) I began to eat raw vegetables and fruits the day before the cleanse as well as oatmeal so that I had substance while staying healthy. Day 1 was easy because I eased into the process which made day 2 fly by. Day 3 is the hardest because you feel a little faint and at that point I drank a lot of water and had a banana.

So after the first cleansing experience the next one I made adjustments. Some including drinking a lot of water and tea, in between juices, as well as eating nuts and fruits (which helps feeling faint or dizzy).

Blueprint juices have a total of 1100 calories that are nutrition packed. My personal favorite is the green kale juice and P.A.M juice. I recommend a cleanse after a big weekend, wedding, action not too often. It is to clean toxins and allow you to feel cleansed, so doing it too often can defeat the purpose. Staying fit and eating well are key to a healthy lifestyle, never forget that!

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