Summer Pouts

square lipstick desktop

(From Left to Right)

1. YSL Rouge Pur Couture 10 || 2.  Tom Ford 03 Casablanca || 3. YSL Rouge Pur Couture 01

I never experiment with my lipstick enough…and what better time to do that than the summer! I am sharing all my favorite colors today from reds to pinks. It is so hard to find lipsticks you love especially when you don’t know what brand to try. I have always been a YSL Beauty fanatic, from eye makeup to lip wear they have been a trusted brand for me. I have been collecting so many colors that I want to share my favorites with you!!

I love the idea of red lipstick but it is always too risky for me. Instead of purchasing a true red I opt for a pinker red, though it may look red that hint  of pink makes all the difference for me and the YSL 10 does that for me. I also love to balance my bright lipsticks with more neutral tones that are still bold. Both the Tom Ford and YSL 01 have that perfect shade to wear when you have more eye shadow or cheek color.


four shades desktop

ROUGE VOLUPTE (From Left to Right)

1. YSL 3 || 2. YSL 12 || 3. YSL 103 (Perle) || 4. YSL 2 (Shine)

This is my absolute favorite line by YSL Beauty! The lipsticks go on like butter (literally) and they last throughout the day or night. I love the Shine for this line because it is a lipstick form of a lipgloss (WHICH IS JUST GENIUS). I wear the darker ones at night and 1 and 3 during the day because they are lighter but they can all be worn whenever!

Hope you love these finds as much as I do!!

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_DSC7701_2 _DSC7673 _DSC7678_2 _DSC7698_2 _DSC7695 _DSC7693_2 _DSC7665_2

Skirt: H&M || Shirt: H&M

A hint of lime and some H&M apparel today. I love pops of color in the summer; it just makes my day that much brighter! H&M has the best pieces whether it is from basics to structured skirts they work beautifully in my day to day wardrobe.

Pairing navy with anything speaks elegance to me, the combination of it with this lime green skirt is perfect. Particularly in the summer I get so tan that I love to wear neon colors and this skirt just spoke to me. It has a great cut and beautiful color and can be great for day or night!

I have been dying to wear my acrylic Jordanian clutch since the day I got it. I just love the combination of these pieces together…simple yet elegant.

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Just Do It


I love starting my days with a good workout! (especially when it can be done in style) Lately I have gotten really into sprints, swimming and core workouts. Along with eating healthy and splurging on some goodies every now and then, I love to stay active. Working out keeps me energized the whole day and makes me feel great! Remember to workout at your own pace, stay motivated and never forget to keep smiling!

_DSC7555_2  _DSC7553_2 _DSC7554 _DSC7551_2

I love that more and more brands are coming out with stylish clothes to workout in because it makes it all the better.

Nike has great options…from leggings to running shorts! The designs, colors and comfort get me excited to stay fit and stylish all at the same time.

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay beautiful ❤

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Bohemian Rhapsody

_DSC7623_2 _DSC7617_2 _DSC7616_2 _DSC7618_2 _DSC7620_2 _DSC7615_2 _DSC7628_2 copy _DSC7619_2 _DSC7621

Pants: J Crew || Shirt: Zara || Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Two of my favorite things today on the blog! Chic hairstyles and an easy, put together look.

I love BOHO style! I think different fashionistas have different approaches when it comes to “boho chic”. Boho chic to me is everything that reminds me of the vibrant colors and designs of Morocco. Orange can be hard to where but I tend to go towards more of a burnt orange because it suits my skin tone better. These orange pants are perfect for work, the day or a night out and a popular Moroccan color! They are so comfortable and chic.

I paired this gorgeous Zara top (made in Morocco) with neutral pants but loved this approach so much more. It is a simple look that just has the perfect hints of detail.

So you’ve probably seen many celebs sporting the “half up top knot”. I wanted to try it and couldn’t love it more! What a perfect summer hairstyle and so easy to do. (let me know if you guys want to see a tutorial on my version of this hairstyle!)

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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Subtotaled Tips for Blogging

what ive learned

So it’s been a year…a fun, crazy year! When I started blogging I was overwhelmed by my ideas, the fashion industry, and the world looking in. After daring myself to start sharing a large aspect of my life, I loved it! The fear was just natural, much like with any new project that you start. As I started to play with templates and work on pictures I learned some things about blogging and myself. I want to share those tips with any aspiring, new bloggers or even someone wanting to start something of their own.

~ The Basics ~

Blogging is all about creating your own unique space, don’t start something because you want to mimic someone else, think about the things you love and make you smile and pursue that passion.

Never lie. Your space should tell your story and not something that is anything but that. Trust is slowly earned and easily lost, if you aren’t being true to your audience you are only hurting yourself.

Don’t do something that everyone else is doing ( I know that is hard considering the multitude of blogs out there), think outside the box and that will be your own success.

Be patient...give yourself some grace because it takes time to find your voice and for others to hear that voice.

~ Growth ~

Don’t measure stats too early. You’ve just started your blogging journey, I was so interested in the stats when I started and I realized it took time away from producing high quality content.

SHARE! I started by just posting on my personal social media accounts but then learned I could reach so many new people and learn from them by creating a page/account for by blog. I have found so many new platforms to share through by just reading other blogs.

Never underestimate the power networking. Yes, it is important! You’re missing out by not connecting with your readers and other bloggers.

~ Content ~

I didn’t know when to post, how often to post, length, quantity of pictures, etc.

To be honest, you just learn along the way. When I started, I took photos on my iPhone and posted everyday. Then I switched to posting every other day and then stopped for a brief period to focus on school. I knew blogging was my outlet to de-stress so I made the time and created high quality content. I started using a fancier camera, photoshop for editing and spent countless hours checking grammar and content. Those little details made all the difference.

~ Motivation ~

Don’t stop. If you stick with it you’ll create your own journey, and success.

Let the little things inspire you...never stop loving the things you love, taking pictures, laughing and just learning from the world around you because that world is your canvas for something amazing.

~ Technical Details ~

Your web design. Pick something simple and build from there. When I started my blog it looked nothing like it does now and honestly I’m still in the works of creating something I love. But in January, I came across this template and fell in love with the simple design and the way it spoke to me.

Quality over quantity. Try to post as much as possible but don’t put anything you don’t feel proud of up because you missed a day or haven’t blogged in a while. iPhones take great pics! If you can get yourself a small digital camera it goes a long way.

Focus on one subject. As time progresses you can build to your blog and share other things you are passionate about.

I hope these tips help, motivate and inspire you to keep going or get started! It can be hard and at times scary but to me it was totally worth the jump. Never stop pursuing your dreams and let the world hear your voice!

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Good as Gold

_DSC7608_2 _DSC7594_2 _DSC7593_2 _DSC7605 _DSC7597 _DSC7603 _DSC7589_2

Skirt: Armani Exchange || Bag: Chanel || Shoes: Schutz || Earrings: Alexis Bittar

I love when I can incorporate modern indian clothing into my day to day style. My mom brought this top back from India and I’m obsessed with the intricate design and cut of the top. I love that I can pair designers I love from India and the US and still create a chic, effortless look.

Happy Friday!

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