Wedding Bliss




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The real reason I was in Phoenix was to celebrate my aunts wedding! Indian weddings are so lively, colorful and at the same time so emotional. I love that I get to spend quality time with my family for a couple of days…yes indian weddings are long! (Ranging from a day to seven days). My absolute favorite part about weddings is the fashion, how could it not be? This aspect of my style is more experimental, cultural and wild. I love trying new trends, crazy styles and bold colors something I do not do with my everyday style. My looks ranged from traditional indian outfits, to a Cleopatra inspired look, to an elegant princess moment. Because there are so many different events each outfit can range in style, it can be traditional to extremely modern and that is what I love about Indian attire. I love that I can escape the norm and dive into my culture from time to time.

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