Shoes: Christian Louboutin || Pants: J brand || Sweater: n/a || Jacket: Maje


This is probably one of my favorite outfits!! Leather pants are trending from runways to celebrity wardrobes, they are an absolute must have this year. This J brand pair are my favorite and I love to wear as much as I can! Now, my favorite part of this outfit!! The shoes….. These Louboutins are show stoppers, and probably my favorite pair in my collection. I have a weakness for shoes (especially heels).

There is something about black and white outfit that is so classy. The electric blue, detailed patent heels add the right amount of sexiness for this look.


Spring Inspiration






The perfect transition from winter to spring! These more structured, maxi skirts are so underrated. So many people are hesitant to buy a piece like this because of the shape, cut and style but I just love how unique it is. The mix of black stripes and floral print creates the perfect balance for winter and spring.

I Rock Tom Ford







Boots: Tom Ford || Jacket: Valentino || Dress: n/a || Bag: Chanel || Sunglasses: Chanel

Just loving this simple and sexy look that can go from day to tonight. These shoes are perfect to dress down or up and I am obsessed. Happy Friday everyone!!

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Shoes: Valentino || Jeans: Joes Jeans || Sweater: Express || Jacket: Maje || Sunglasses: RayBan || Clutch: emPOWERED

This outfit is so versatile…it is a mesh between edgy and chic and can be worn to dinner or during the day. It is so weird, recently I have been loving sparkly sweaters and accessories and I am not usually one to wear anything too sparkly. However this Express sweater has just the right amount of sparkle for me. The leather and toe studded booties add that edgy style that I have been recently loving.

But the best part of my outfit is this clutch. I know you’re probably thinking, “it is just a black clutch!”, but this clutch has so much more than you would think. emPOWERED is this awesome new company that makes chic handbags that help keep your phone charged when you’re desperately in need of a charger. This bag saved me from all the times my phone was dying and I was nowhere near an outlet. I am always on the go and this bag is perfect because all the styles are so chic and they help me stay connected without letting my phone die. (They are profiled in outlets from InStyle to Forbes!)

Defiantly worth checking out!

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My Favorite Salad






Sweater: Free People || Sunglasses: Armani

Today I am sharing my favorite salad recipe. I love salads, and love when they have a variety of textures and flavors. My favorite salad to make at home is simple and just delicious.


1. Mixed Salad (I love to use a mix of arugula, spinach and kale)

2. Sliced strawberries

3. Chopped Walnuts

4. Fresh organic goat cheese

5. Organic balsamic vinaigrette


1. Wash greens and dry

2. Slice strawberries

3. Put walnuts into salad

4. Crumble goat cheese into the salad

5. Add a little pomegranate for sweetness

6. Add as much dressing as desired (I like to keep my dressing light/medium)

7. Mix and serve

Enjoy! xoxo

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Bomber Jackets







Pants: Jbrand || Sweater: Target || Jacket: n/a || Sunglasses: Burberry || Boots: n/a

 An eighties staple has become a favorite in my closet. Bomber jackets are resurfacing all over the world thanks to their variety of textures, colors and styles. This army green bomber jacket works beautifully with the neutrals and brings out the color in the booties. I love the combination of neutrals and a little pop of color it really creates the perfect outfit.