Jordan & Israel

I just wanted to share some more photos from my trip to Jordan & Israel. I am fortunate enough to travel each year with my family across the globe for the holidays. This year we decided to visit the Middle East! We landed in Amman, Jordan and I was eager to see what sites we would see, the history we would learn about and the culture that we would dive into. This trip was unlike any of my previous vacations because there was so many action packed days, from climbing mountains to 10 mile walks it was truly worth it. We did everything from see the ruins in Petra to the breathtaking desert in Wadi Rum (where Laurence of Arabia was filmed!) and camel riding to floating in the Dead Sea.

Then our travels took us to Israel which was an experience that pained me to see. We first went to Bethlehem on the Palestine side, which was truly an emotional experience. To see so many people in harsh conditions, surrounded by huge walls and complete imprisonment disheartened me. To live in a world where you do not get to see the terror some people live with each day is horrific. Then we went to Jerusalem where it was completely a 180 from Bethlehem. It was clean, beautiful city much like the ones we see in the US. Experiencing these trips has opened my eyes, though seeing some of it was sad, there was also so much history and beautiful architecture in the other cities.

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