Game Time



Hat: || Watch: Michael Kors || Shoes: Superga 2750 || Ring: Marc Jacobs  || Jumpsuit: TopShop Mesh T-Shirt Jumpsuit || Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Dressing for any sporting event can be hard, and if you’re like me you want to dress chic and have team spirit at the same time. I am always looking for the perfect baseball hat and has an awesome selection of hats from any color to style you want. I went on to style a look based around the hat and loved this one above.

I am going to be brutally honest with you guys, I am not the biggest baseball fan, however I am constantly surrounded by family and friends who watch the sport. So naturally I see and hear about a majority of the teams. When I was looking though the site for a hat to find the first thing I did was ask my brothers which team I should pick! Having family from all over the country wasn’t much help, but I ended up picking the San Francisco Giants. I picked this team because I loved their color scheme and felt like the hats Fanatics had for that team would be products I would buy.

Fanatics is a great way to find awesome game day gear. I went to their site and specified my search to the MLB section and picked my team, from there it was just finding the right style and colors for my hat! Definitely something I recommend.

This look is fun, sporty and chic. Sporty attire is trending all over fashion week this season and this jumpsuit is exactly that. Jumpsuits are probably my go to this year, because they are easy, comfortable and come in so many styles. Especially for a game that last so long, this jumpsuit is perfect (if it’s a bit chilly just throw a leather/jean jacket over it). The key to any game day look is comfort, I always opt for a pair of trendy sneakers. These Supergas are my favorite!  I love the gold detailing, something you don’t find in an ordinary kick. Because the teams colors are black, white and orange I added a splash of color with my favorite aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban and then simply added a watch and ring to accessorize. A simply yet fashionable way to dress up your game day look.

Hope you enjoy! Go find your favorite game day attire on!

Here are some other ways I styled the hat as well (because one way can never be enough haha)




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