Pumped Up Kicks

I recently got these cool kicks from Bloomingdale’s. I don’t know why but I have a slight obsession with sneakers lately. These caught my eye because of their cool texture and amazing color. I decided to create a punk rock look and love every accessory that was paired with the dress. The Zara dress has understated metal detailing on the shoulder that makes the look without the accessories a little edgy. I stacked spiked, skull and woven bracelets on one hand and on the other I opted for a chunky gold metal cuff.

I love rings! Mixing and matching rings is always fun and here I paired a bunch of gold rings that played with the over look of the outfit. I bought all of them from street vendors in NYC (they always have unique pieces that you wouldn’t find in every department store). I was so excited to wear this clutch with my outfit because I just got from my trip in Europe. I love the texture, color and style of the clutch and its versatility.

Fashion is all about having fun, trying new things and this outfit did that for me. It was outside of my normal day-to-day look but I loved the whole outfit.


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