Day 11: Czech Me Out

The weather wasn’t so great today when we went out but that’s no excuse to stay in or not dress up! Every day is getting a bit cooler which only means Fall is right around the corner (which I’m definitely not ready for). But why not take advantage of both seasons. As I shopped from store to store, I had to stop at one of my all time favorite stores, Zara! Each Zara was different from country to country however they all carried consistent, effortless and chic clothing. I found this amazing Olive green hat and just love the color, definitely going to be a fall favorite for me. I also got this beautiful tan,ruffle skirt. Both pieces can be worn as transition pieces into fall because they can be layered for fall or simply be worn during the summer. I just love the combination of these colors together, it’s simply elegant.






For dinner I kept the same simple look. I paired a mustard skirt,white crop and a neutral shawl to accent my booties.




I wasn’t planning at all to match my brother but I guess great minds think alike! (He’s wearing Polo pull over, Yellow JCrew pants, and brown leather shoes that he got in Montreux, Switzerland)


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