Day 7: Exploring the Royal Grounds

Today we spent another day at the Hofsburg Palace because it is just too large to do in one. I loved the greenery that surrounded the place as well as the colors (especially the flags! There was just something I loved about them lined up on the wall like that).






As we went from place to place on the Royal Palace grounds, we stopped at the Treasury. Walking through I was mesmerized by the jewels, clothing and miscellaneous objects. Each item was different, embellished in jewels, and gold however they all carried a consistent royal color of red, gold and ivory ( traditional Austrian colors). As we walked through and saw the Kings possessions this piece stood out to me (pictured above). I just love how intricate the design was and how the complementary colors balance one and other, it was incredible.


We had lunch at the Film Festival by the city hall. It reminded me of food trucks lined up in New York City. I loved how different each station was and how each place made their decorations and presentation unique, while also serving gourmet food. Luckily for us there were cheese burgers ( much needed after a week in Europe haha!).

Outfit: Zara || Shoes: Sam Edelman || Purse: Chanel


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