Glittering in the sunlight is no longer a nighttime trend. Derek Lam, Philip Lim, Rachel Zoe among many others have debut sequin numbers during fashion week. Now, the real question is, can you wear sequins during the day?. The answer is YES! A full sequin dress may be a little much during the day, however sequin tops,skirts and shorts definitely have to see the light of day. There are a few ways to style this trend. The first approach is one of my favorites. You may be like, how am I suppose to wear a completely embellished top to work,doing errands, etc.?, truth is you can as long as it is done right. Pair a sequin top (choose a color that isn’t too ostentatious such as; white, beige, dark grey, pastels) with a casual pair of cropped,ripped or light washed jeans. You don’t want to choose anything too dark because it can make the top look sightly dressed up. Another way to style it is with an awesome sequin skirt. My DVF skirt is understated but simply elegant. The mesh between the print and color doesn’t make it look flashy and because the sequins are mostly white it can be perfect for day or night. The third way to style sequins is through your shoes. Embellished shoes really add something special to an outfit. The pair in today’s shoot are Jimmy Choo. The olive green plays well with the color in the skirt, and the embellishment here is what you really see. I love these shoes because they can add that extra sparkle to a basic white tee.

Subtotaled Sequin Tips: 

1. Dress it down: The mistake most people make with sequins during the day is over doing it. Dress it down! Pair it with jeans, add a sweater or shorts so that there is one focal point to your outfit not 20!

2. Add a Blazer: I know this may sound a bit strange, but I love making a top that has going out potential look like it has a professional touch to it. A white sequin top with a black blazer with light blue jeans is a go to outfit for me.

3. Sequin Shorts: Sequin Shorts are the best way to follow this trend. Any color short with a white tee and fun sandals is a perfect day look. My trick is even to add a fun hat!

4. The Perfect Pair of Jeans: Color is everything. Find a pair of jeans that are towards the lighter side of the spectrum because jeans that are too dark will dress up a sequin top or sweater.

Subtotaled Picks:

1. White Split Back Sequin Tee,

2. Joie Beaded Top,

3. Sequin Embellished Beach Shorts,

4. P.A.R.O.S.H. Bermuda Sequin Shorts (on sale!),

5. Bungle Chic Sweatshirt,

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