Work Rules

Subtotaled Work Rules:

1. It’s raining and you don’t feel like wearing heels, color or anything structured. My tip: try wearing a basic shift dress and adding a fun jacket. I wore a black and gray striped dress to work today but what I really love about it is the pleated detail at the bottom! It really adds dimension to the dress.

2. The dreaded blazer. Who says you have to wear a boring black blazer to work today? Try something different like a shoulder padded jacket. Mine is from Paris and I love it because it can be worn to work, or with jeans and a tee-shirt. It is a comfortable material, it stretches so there is no restriction for movement.

3. No heels? That is ok! It is not part of every working dress code to put on a high heel or a heel of any sort. I opted for a Oxford flat. This shoe is perfect for work because it dresses up the look and makes it seem more professional. The best part is you won’t leave the office crying because you’re feet hurt!

4. Whats a work outfit without the perfect bag? I choose a vintage burnt red handbag. This is wear the structure comes in, with such free-flowing outfit the rectangular shape of the bag keeps the outfit professional yet chic.

5. COLOR! I always try to throw in some type of color in my outfit (hence the bag), however today the weather just called for a black outfit. When wearing black, don’t always do it from head to toe. break it up with print and color. I broke up the black with the gray stripes and burnt red handbag.

6. With jewelry you don’t want to overload. I keep it simple with a watch and statement David Yurman ring. If you want to transition the outfit from day to night; add a statement necklace, fun clutch and a basic black heel and you are good to go!

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